Tuesday, June 28, 2005

An example of resonance - toothpastefordinner.com

Toothpaste for Dinner - A slide-show tour of the most addictive comic on the Web.

Further proving that there is no way to tell what will resonate on the Web, we have toothpastefordinner.com. Slate is calling it "the most addictive comic on the Web," which means that it is pretty resonant. Alexa seems to concur, giving it a rank today of 25,000 or so.


At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Jeffrey said...

OK, I have to admit, that is a cool website and I can just feel the resonance on my lower gums. However, do you think they really sell alot of t-shirts and books?


At 1:49 AM, Anonymous globaliq said...

Smart site, still working on mine.

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