Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Success of

This article talks about

Ninja's game is elusion

The article says: "The simple videos last several minutes each and appear to cost almost nothing to make. The series, one of the most popular on the Web, launched in earnest at the beginning of 2006 and coincided with the rise of YouTube and video blogging. As the site's creators, Sarine and his buddy, Kent Nichols, recently signed a seven-figure deal with a company that will manage the site's advertising."

A "seven-figure deal" is not bad for a site that consists of a couple dozen short videos...

Is there a way that you can do the same thing?


At 2:12 AM, Blogger Peter Kay said...


I've been trying to follow/understand the online video business model and I don't see the eyeballs justifying the dollars. Clearly FM knows something I don't. What do you see? Would you pay "seven figures" for AAN? Please shed some light on this.

At 7:30 AM, Blogger Marshall Middle is making a million dollars said...

AskANinja rocks.

At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually this goes back to your Jan 14 post and way back into posts from the past. My daughter persuaded me to give up TV for lent (I didn't watch that much so I thought it would not be hard) I found myself on the computor alot in the evenings when the 'boys' were watching somthing (usually involving testosterone -sp?). A friend of mine sent me to yarnharlot because of her upcoming challenge for all knitters to show their market power by all coming to her new book launch in NY, where I happen to live. OK so I may be a little behind the times- only started emailing for real in 98/99.....but this ws really the first time I looked at a blog and I was instantly inspired. I told my friend ..wouldn't it be fun just like the masondixonknitters (not sure if that is 100% right) if she and I had a blog to record our musings about life the universe and everything...sort of a Hitchhikers Guide for women! Over the years we have had some very profound conversations over our cupa tea...oh yes and we knit! We now communicate via email anyway because we live about 20 hours appart.
So, long story, now to the point. For the last several days I have been researching how to set up a blog and I realise it is a bit more involved than one thinks, potentially. I have found some good info at and and now I found your stellar site. So I wanted to say thankyou. Oh by the way I used never to click on ads but now I realise it is a way to tip the writer! Speaking of... here are my questions; I was at one site that had a tip jar do you know how that works?
Second Emily Robbins warned that if you go with a blog hosting site like Typepad (I think) and go with their domain name you are sort of over a barrel if you ever want to move. This may or may not be important but if one were to spend years building a good blog and later want to move well it is all in the name. So in the spirit of thinking big from the start and listening to her advise, I thought I would register my own domain name first ...that is where things seemed to get muddy for me....there is so mush choice out there and then I realised I would have to "park" it and I was wondering could I still register my own domain name and then use Or should we use Wordpress adn creat our own website which means paying for a hosting sight right? So many questions. Then my friend is worried about privacy and getting people using foul language in their postings...Advice????
Thanks. MAC

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