Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Making $100K+ per year with blogs

The tech world is abuzz this week with this:From the article:
    I went to the PO Box this morning to grab my mail and found my monthly cheque from Google’s Adsense had arrived for earnings in the month of May. May was my biggest earning month since I started blogging (June was a little lower due to me being away for the full four weeks).
The check was for $14,000.

The author answers some questions here: ProBlogger Slashdotted. He makes several important points. For example:
  • He works 8-12 hour days and has been at it for 2.5 years.

  • In that 2.5 years, he has made 12,000 posts. If you assume that 2.5 years = 750 days, then it works out to 16 posts per day.

  • He works on a range of blogs each day, including these three:
It is definitely worthwhile to read his comments, and to look through his tips on things like AdSense ads.


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