Saturday, May 28, 2005

Another example of resonance - Contagious Media Showdown

I read about this site in Alexa's blog, where Geoffrey Mack had this to say about it:
    Contagious Media Showdown is an experiment in creativity and the seeming random nature of viral content and the way it spreads across the Internet. Take for example the Hamster Dance or Peanut Butter Jelly time -- remember those? There is no formula for why those sites become popular. People just start forwarding them, they catch on, and then before you know it, they are the next big thing. And then they usually die just as quickly.

    That's the experiment with Contagious Media Showdown. Can you ask people to create sites that will become shooting stars, and, just as importantly, can a panel of experts predict which ones will hit it big.
For more information, visit the site: Contagious Media Showdown

Also look at its graph in Alexa. It moved into the top 10,000 sites this week based primarily on buzz.


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