Friday, May 27, 2005

A good example of resonance

Student's start-up draws attention and $13 million

From the article:
    It is not easy capturing the attention of Jim Breyer, one of Silicon Valley's leading venture capitalists. But Mark Zuckerberg, a 21-year-old Harvard student, managed to do it with a Web site that has attracted 2.8 million registered users on more than 800 campuses since it began in February 2004.

    Breyer was so taken with Zuckerberg's company,, which creates online interactive college-student networks, that his firm, Accel Partners, plans to announce a $13 million investment in the start-up today.
To go from zero to 2.8 million registered users in a year is remarkable. And rare. But it shows you that it can be done.

See also: Resonance.


At 6:22 AM, Anonymous matt said...

At first glance I read that as jim brewer

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