Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Word of mouth

If you can create resonance, word of mouth is the cheapest way possible to help people learn about your site. Here's one of the best word of mouth campaigns ever:

How Mozilla used social networking to set a world record

(The original Napster probably holds the record for the best WoM campaign ever)


At 1:36 PM, Blogger Jimmy said...

I think the shear number of great things going on makes it harder to get word of mouth going. I really like a podcast called "physics for future presidents" because it enlightens my understanding of the world and how it works in a very fun and enjoyable way. I tell many people about it but most people my age seem to have too many things pulling at them to make the time to check it out. For older people things that simplify life like "Getting Stuff Done" get a fair amount of word of mouth. For young people anything that is fun/entertaining works. I started a blog about what I do, which is support network and computer support for a small company at I hope it will help me simplify my job by keeping track of problems-solutions I have already solved and perhaps it will be of help to enough others that the word about the site will get out.


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