Sunday, June 15, 2008

Using games to attract visitors

Become One With the Game

From the article:
    So what do original games get you?

    If you're Burger King, you get year-over-year double-digit sales growth, as well as a marketing program that has generated significant revenue. After launching three original Xbox games during the 2006 holiday season, the brand reportedly sold more than 3.5 million units in just eight weeks, at a price of $3.99 each with the purchase of a value meal -- making them among the best-selling games that year.

    For Orbitz, playable banner-games routinely get the online travel site higher click-through, registration and conversion rates than any other ad unit -- making games a leading driver of traffic to the site, and an efficient source of customer acquisition. And in a commoditized category, in which consumers have only limited, need-driven interactions with brands, it helps give Orbitz a personality.


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